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Last month, I decided to become a vegan.  I knew that I wasn’t the type of person who could jump head first into the vegan pool; I needed to wade into the shallow end first.  If I forced myself to change too much at once, I was sure I wouldn’t succeed.  So, I decided to take it slowly and see it as a transition rather than an overnight change.

Since I am not taking any classes during the summer semester and I have the time, I will be reading about the subject as if it were one of my classes.

I have already started reading Diet for a New America by John Robbins, which is very informative as well as a page-turner.  I have found so far that education is the best form of motivation for me.  Now that I know just a handful of facts about the impact that a diet of animal products has on my health, the environment, the economy, and the lives of animals, I feel like I can’t possibly continue to be a part of the problem.

I recently purchased Vegan in 30 Days by Sarah Taylor, which I will follow more like thirty steps, some of which will take more than a day, and some that will be done a few at a time.  I am starting with incorporating vegan meals into my regular diet and making kind decisions whenever possible.  My end goal is to become fully used to a vegan diet, healthier than I have ever eaten before, without feeling like I am missing out on anything.

A couple of factors led to my exploration of the vegan lifestyle, beginning with my sister.  For several years now, my youngest sister, Allison, has been a vegan.

About A Vegan in Progress | A Vegan in Progress

Alli is the goddess on the left with the Vegan tattoo, that’s me on the right

She has always been very strong-willed, something that I don’t see in myself.  Over the years I have thought that she was definitely eating healthier than I was, but that I lacked the will and motivation to follow her example.  Last month I was thinking about how I needed to lose weight and adopt an all-over healthier diet, not something that I planned to stop once I got to my goal.  Because I knew that Alli had educated herself about nutrition, I asked her many questions about the effect of animal products on our bodies.  Lucky for me, she was in the middle of a speech class and had prepared a speech on that very subject.  Her brain was full of facts and statistics that she shared with me.

After doing online research, my compassion for animals really came into play.  The more I thought about it, the more I felt that it was just wrong to regard some animals as companions and others as food.  My husband, Eric, and I have two rescue cats, who have improved our lives equally as much as we have theirs.

They have very apparent feelings, intelligence, and personalities.  It just seems unfair to allow them happy, healthy lives, but treat other species with similar characteristics as if they are no more than products.  These elements convinced me that I had to make this change in my life.

My thinking in creating this blog is that sharing the journey with others will keep me more accountable and motivated.  My intent is not to preach or even motivate others, but simply to share what I have learned and experienced.  I will post recipes that I try, restaurants that I visit, compelling facts that I come across, and challenges that I face.

Thank you for visiting!  Most of all, thank you to my sister Alli, for being a great source of inspiration, knowledge, and support to me.

About mrsnikkiv

I blog to document my experience transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

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  1. This is great!! I can’t wait to hear more! I’m so proud of you!!

  2. Look forward to following your journey. I am in a similar boat…just trying to figure out what is “right” for me. Best of luck!

  3. Awesome! It is great that you have a seasoned vegan to help you along the way 🙂

  4. Hi Nikki! I just stumbled across your blog. I was actually searching for “vegan tattoos” and your photo of you and your sister came up. 🙂 I’ve been Vegan for a little over a year now and I find it’s so easy. The foods are awesome and it’s so much easier now a days. The health benefits are wonderful. Not to mention all the animals you are saving!!! It’s so great that your sister has an inspired you to go Vegan. I wish you much luck.


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