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Vegan at Jamba Juice

Classes are in session again and because my office is very close to my school, I often go straight to one of the lounges and study before class.  This means that I either have to pack a cold lunch or pick something up on the way.  Last semester I was choosing fast food way too often and now that I am on a plant-based diet, most fast food isn’t an option (thankfully, for my arteries).  Tonight I decided to stop at Jamba Juice for a smoothie.  I checked out their menu in advance and found that my usual favorite had dairy in it, so I started to go through each one to see what I could order.  Then I noticed that under “Menu & Nutrition” on their website, they have an option to sort by special diet.  I clicked on “Vegan” and was given a list of every smoothie that they make that is vegan.

Jamba Juice vegan menu | A Vegan in Progress

Jamba Juice vegan menu

It’s so refreshing to see a corporation provide that information in such a welcoming way.  So many restaurant websites make it a damn scavenger hunt to find their allergens list and that’s if they provide it at all!  Jamba Juice makes it easy for you to find the 20 completely vegan items on their menu.  Substitutions can always be made to the other items, but it’s so much simpler to know that you can order something as-is and it will be fine.  I get tired of asking for substitutions everywhere I go and worrying that they will make a mistake!

In case you were wondering, I ordered the Peach Perfection All Fruit smoothie which includes Peach Juice Blend, Mangos, Peaches, Apple Strawberry Juice Blend, Strawberries.  Yum!

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  1. This is great! I only wish there was a Jamba juice near me. I used to live in Boulder, CO and would go there all the time.


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