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Vegan Recipe – Easy Southwestern Salad

I have been super busy lately, so I’m sorry about the lag between posts.  This is proving to be a really challenging semester and it just began a few weeks ago!  I have a salad recipe to share with you today, but I use the term “recipe” loosely here.  I tend to just toss in whatever sounds like it would taste good together.  I thought that this was a particularly tasty combination, so here’s the list of ingredients.

Southwestern Salad
– spinach
– leftover corn, cut off the cob
– chopped red bell pepper
– chopped tomato
– Lightlife Chick’n style Smart Strips
– Daiya pepperjack style vegan cheese shreds
– crumbled tortilla chips (not pictured)
– salsa verde
– squirt of lime juice

Easy Southwestern Salad | A Vegan in Progress

Black olives would have been nice as well, but I was all out of them.  The chips aren’t pictured because I forgot to add them until halfway through devouring this salad, but the crunch made a really nice addition.

Whenever packing a lunch for work, I put the greens in one reusable container with a paper towel folded and placed on top of them.  The paper towel absorbs moisture and helps keep your greens fresh (a tip from my mom).  Then I package all of the wet ingredients including any dressing in a separate container.  Anything that has to stay dry (like tortilla chip crumbs or rice noodles), I put in a plastic snack bag.  Sometimes I will wash and sort out a few containers of spinach at a time along with wet ingredients for a variety of different salads on Sunday so that I can grab and go during the week.

I’ll have another semi-recipe for you later in the week, hopefully.  Thanks for reading!

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I blog to document my experience transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

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