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Vegan at The Habit

It’s really tough to know about the ingredients in veggie burgers offered at a variety of restaurants, so I know that contacting the corporation for a list is the best method to be sure.  There’s a Habit restaurant a couple of blocks from us, so I inquired about the contents of their veggie burger, to see if it was an option.  I know that a lot of vegans would not be comfortable dining in such a restaurant, regardless of if they offered a vegan burger, and I completely understand that.  However, I have a carnist husband and I would like to be able to dine with him most of the time, rather than having to tell him to go by himself whenever he wants a burger.

Vegan at the Habit | A Vegan in Progress

Pete Whitwell, of the Habit, responded:

“Sorry to disappoint but our Veggie isn’t Vegan.  Unfortunately we aren’t the best choice for a Vegan diet.”

After such a great response from Red Robin’s representative, I expected more.  Not only was I disappointed in the answer, I was miffed by his complete lack of concern for losing an entire group of potential customers.

Furthermore, it really irritates me to see chain restaurants offer a veggie burger, but not a vegan one.  They have an opportunity to cater to two groups (with one menu item) rather than just one group if they paid a little attention to the ingredients.  They already went to the effort of including vegetarians, so why not make a few small changes to include vegans?

After looking over their menu, I found that they offer a garden salad with “fresh romaine, iceberg and red leaf lettuces, Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, carrots, sprouts and croutons,” as well as a side salad, including “fresh romaine, iceberg, and red leaf lettuces, Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and croutons.”  French fries and sweet potato fries are also animal product free, however, I don’t know about the frying oil.  My guess is it isn’t safe.

Bottom line – despite their salads, I will not be dining at the Habit.

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I blog to document my experience transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

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  1. My husband and I sometimes stop at a Habit restaurant for a veggie burger when we’re on the road. Darn it – I guess we can’t do that anymore. Thanks for this post – it’s good to know. Celeste 🙂

  2. Guess I’m going to go throw out this burger then, glad I googled it first and found your info! Ugh how hard is a vegan patty lol

  3. Interestingly, I had the habit veggie burger last year and when i asked they told me it WAS vegan. I ate it about 3 different times. The 4th time (its right by my work and very convenient) I went I got the veggie burger and it was a morningstar farms patty (before it was obviously homemade with fresh veggies). i called corporate to ask them if they changed their patty. I was told it was NEVER a vegan patty and was NEVER made fresh in house and I was mistaken. I informed them that I was told by the manager it was a homemade vegan patty, and corporate told me again I was wrong.
    I know what I was talking about. It was NOT the same patty. Needless to say, I do not dine at Habit any longer.

  4. My Vegan boyfriend has been going to The Habit 2-3 times a week for the last 6 months. Guess I’ll have to give him the bad news.

  5. Hi, I work at the habit Burger grill in Washington. I am sorry to say that yes our veggie burgers aren’t vegan but our salads none the less are. I enjoy our salads. It is usually the only thing I eat during work. And we are franchise not chain. I just started about 5 months ago. We have only had a few vegans come in. If you would like to see the Habit Burger Grill offer a vegan burger you will have to talk to the highest in command because no matter how many complaints one store gets, we really have no control on what goes on or off our menu. I guess if someone started a petition for The Habit offering a vegan burger and the Highest person of corporate heard about it and there were enough signatures, something could change. I’m sorry to hear that you are taking business elsewhere but I do not blame you. I do hope you find other options. I have many friends who are vegan and I would also like to see my restaurant offer a vegan option. So if you start a petition please let me know. Thanks.

  6. Bethany Kinsey

    Just so you guys know, the salads aren’t completely vegan. You would need to order it with no dressing, no croutons, and no cheese. Hope this helps some of you!


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