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Farm Sanctuary and Farmed Animal Welfare League

I’m sure she will talk about it herself on her blog (Oh, the Veganity!), but my sister Alli just recently came home after a more than two month unpaid internship at Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres in Acton California.  It’s a shelter for animals rescued from the horrors of farming and animal hoarding.  If you haven’t been… you must make a trip out for one of their tours.  Having lived in the Los Angeles area for my whole life, I have never felt very connected to farm animals.  Visiting a place like Animal Acres can give you the opportunity to interact with farm animals that you may otherwise never see.

Farm Sanctuary | A Vegan in Progress

Personally, I made a connection between the friendly, curious spirits of farm animals and those of my own pets.  It is so easy to be disconnected from their plight because we don’t see it, but, visiting those animals in a happy, healthy environment can help that.  Now, when I read about the conditions they are forced to live in and the torture that they endure for the sake of our food, I can’t bear to think of contributing to it.

Anyway, Alli did very physical labor there every day and I think, for her, the rewards were so much greater than she could have imagined.  Not only did she meet some great people with passions as strong as hers, but she developed personal relationships with many of the animals she cared for.

Now, Alli is working on a non-profit startup called Farmed Animal Welfare League.  They need supporters, so please, stop by the Facebook page and like their cause!

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