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Vegan at Fritto Misto, Santa Monica

In the past, I have enjoyed a couple of delicious meals at Fritto Misto with friends, but not as a vegan.  Eric and I had plans for an evening out for a close up magic show and agreed to get dinner beforehand.  Eric very kindly did some research on vegan friendly restaurants in Santa Monica and stumbled across the Santa Monica Vegan review of vegan options at Fritto Misto.  It’s so great to find another LA Vegan posting reviews… I bookmarked it immediately.

Fritto Misto, Santa Monica | A Vegan in Progress

I followed the Santa Monica Vegan’s suggestion and ordered off of the “Create Your Own” pasta page in the menu.  I ordered the wheatless/eggless pasta with marinara sauce, artichoke hearts, broccoli, and sundried tomatoes.  That was one delicious (and HUGE) bowl of pasta.  It was enough for 2 or more meals.

Fritto Misto - Create Your Own Pasta | A Vegan in Progress

This was a great place to go with omnivore friends.  Everyone walked away full and pleased.  Additionally, they have a tiny corkage fee ($2), which makes for a fun, lively dinner.


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