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Vegan at Swingers Diner, Santa Monica

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Swingers Diner in Santa Monica is a fun, quirky place that’s perfect for dual dining.  They have a lot of tasty diner options, both vegan and otherwise.  The menu is clearly marked for vegan and vegetarian diners, which I always appreciate.  Also, the Santa Monica location was used in the movie Knocked Up as the diner that Ben and Alison go to the morning after they spend the night together.

Swinger's Diner, Santa Monica | A Vegan in Progress

Photo from Swingers website

Quite a while back, Eric and I went out with some friends and I got to try the vegan burrito.  The menu describes it as “tofu and sautéed spinach, with quinoa and black beans wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, topped with chipotle sauce.”  It was the first time I had tried quinoa in a burrito and it was really filling and yummy.  I especially enjoyed the chipotle sauce.

Swingers Vegan Burrito | A Vegan in Progress

I will definitely be back to Swingers in the future.  Although I enjoyed the burrito, I think I’ll try what else they have to offer on my next visit.

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