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Lightlife Smart Dogs and vegan chili

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When I was young, our family always had plans for the fourth of July.  Now that those long standing plans have gone by the wayside, we don’t really do anything in particular for the fourth.  This year, our parents had us over for the day.  My mom made chili and Lightlife Smart Dogs.  The homemade chili was nicely spicy and went well with the Fritos  and Daiya cheese sprinkled on top.  Hopefully some day I will get the recipe from my mom to post it for you.

Lightlife Smart Dogs and Chili | A Vegan in Progress

The Lightlife Smart Dogs tasted like the generic cheap hot dogs that I used to eat.  With a toasted bun and spicy brown mustard, it was a pleasing and holiday-appropriate meal.

After we let our lunches digest a bit, my mom brought out some homemade vegan ginger snap ice cream with fresh peach compote, garnished with ginger snaps.  It tasted like a yummy, icy pie.  I am not usually one for non-chocolate ice cream, but this was delicious.  Way to go Mom!


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  1. I still haven’t tried vegan hot dogs! These look yummy!! Celeste 🙂


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