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Vegan at Tony’s Darts Away, Burbank – Post 3

I have already talked about Tony’s Darts Away, but I thought that I could do multiple reviews of restaurants as I make subsequent visits.  Click here to see previous posts about Tony’s Darts Away.

My sister and I went on an impromptu shopping trip to Unique Vintage in Burbank.  If you like vintage and vintage reproduction clothes, you can’t get any cuter than Unique Vintage.  I have purchased a few dresses at Bettie Page before and the pale in comparison when it comes to quality.

After a successful shopping trip, we went over to Tony’s Darts Away, which is mere blocks away.  This time I ordered the Vegan Border Dog: a vegan Mexican chipotle sausage topped with garlic paste, Mexican salsa, avocado lime puree, and raw onions.  The flavors went really well together and it was less dry than the Italian Stallion Sausage.

Vegan Border Dog | A Vegan in Progress

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