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Vegan at Disneyland – Cafe Orleans, post 2

I have posted about Disneyland before and will continue to update as I try different vegan options in both Disneyland and California Adventure.  Click here to see all posts about Disneyland.  Eventually, I plan to put together my own comprehensive list.

On this visit, we ate at Cafe Orleans around sunset, so we could stay and watch Fantasmic after dark.  I wanted to try something different this time, so I ordered La Salade de Maison, described as “Our Cafe Orleans signature house salad, featuring tossed baby greens in a raspberry vinaigrette, topped with cherry tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese and caramelized pecans. C’est bon!”  I asked about the vinaigrette and was told that it was vegan and asked for no cheese.  I was unhappy to see the salad arrive without the pecans, but was told that they weren’t vegan.  With the non-vegan toppings removed, this was a pretty empty salad.  The dressing was tasty, though.

La Salade de Maison - Vegan at Disneyland | A Vegan in Progress

Between the two vegan options at Cafe Orleans – La Salade de Maison (sans cheese and pecans) and N’awlins Vegetable Ragout (without cheese or corn cakes) – I would go with the salad, because it is about a third of the price.  Neither of them make for a great meal in my opinion, they are more of a compromise, which we vegans are used to having to make when dining out.

However, there’s another option, which in my opinion is far superior.  The waitress told us that guests are welcome to get the Royal Street Veranda vegetarian gumbo (just across the way) and bring it over to Cafe Orleans to eat with the rest of your party.  Absolutely worth doing!  See my review of the amazing vegetarian gumbo here.

As a note for those who avoid such things, the waitress nicely came over to tell us that the garlic Pommes Frites are fried in the same oil as the Monte Cristo, which has cheese and meat in it.  I obviously avoid such things when cooking for myself and my husband, but I figure there are thousands of times that this sort of thing may be happening while I eat in restaurants and I’m never told, so this sort of thing doesn’t really bother me.  If you decide to order them, remember to ask for no cheese.

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I blog to document my experience transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

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  1. Hi there Nikki,
    Although I’ve been vegetarian for 23 years now (not vegan, though) – I’m curious what got you into this mode of change. Is it ideology or due to health reasons?
    I turned vegetarian when I was 15 and it happened in one minute, I mean: I saw a movie that affected my way of thinking about eating dead animals and from that moment on I just stopped. It wasn’t a transition, so to speak, but rather cold turkey (not literally, of course (-; )
    What made you want to turn vegan?
    Michal (I’m a female, not MichaEl)

    • Hi there! Thanks for your question. Initially, I was interested in veganism for health reasons. My sister has been vegan for years and one day it hit me that she was way healthier than I was and I should stop being defensive and just ask her about it. I was very lucky to have her there to explain the benefits and support me when I was new to the diet. As I educated myself more, the reasons expanded. I found out that humans can live perfectly healthy lives without any animal products. I started to believe that it was immoral to enslave and butcher animals for products that we don’t even need – just to satiate our appetites. I also learned about the effect that the industry has on our planet and became motivated by the idea of green living through a vegan diet.

      I wrote some more about it in if you’d like to take a look. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Thanks for your long response (-:
        I turned vegetarian exactly because of what you were talking about (23 years ago…) but I do eat eggs and dairies. Yes, I know all about the dairy industry so I eat mostly sheep or goat’s milk cheese that are produced in smaller farms here, in Israel, where the animals are not kept in horrible conditions.

      • Happy to! You may want to read a little about what eating dairy does to your body. There’s a myth that milk gives your body calcium, but it actually increases calcium loss from our bones. I don’t know if you have non-dairy milks in your area, but give them a try if you can! I like almond milk better than cow’s milk now.

      • Oh, I know very well about dairies (especially cow’s milk) because mu hubby is lactose intolerant and even I get bloated sometimes when I eat cow’s milk cheeses (soft cheese, that is).
        We never drink milk, but, rather – almond milk (that I make from scratch or buy when I get lazy…I prefer Almond Breeze). Soy milk is out of the question even though we have fresh soy milk at the stores (soy is overrated…and very genetically modified).

        Nikki, feel free to follow my blog as well. I’ve had my food page on FB for over a year now and only started this blog a few weeks ago in order to organize my recipes and make it easier for my readers to search for them, but I’ll slowly add more recipes here.
        I’ve been experiencing lately with a lot of Gluten-Free (even though I’m not gluten-intolerant), RAW and vegan dishes.
        Feel free to visit me on FB as well and like the page if you want to get daily updates and recipes.
        I have a nice collection of vegan recipes, fresh salads and other dishes. Hope you like them.
        It’ll take me a while to transfer them or, rather, add them to my blog but I’ll eventually do it (-:
        Look through the albums and you’ll find things and ideas you may like to try

  2. At least the staff were considerate and the ability to bring over a meal from elsewhere! I don’t think I bothered eating when I visited Disney years back.


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