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Vegan at Auntie Anne’s

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Vegan at Auntie Annes | A Vegan in Progress

Every once in a while, it’s nice to feel like you’re the same as everyone else and enjoy a little guilty pleasure mall food.  I have always loved Auntie Anne’s pretzels, so I was happy to find that I could still enjoy their Cinnamon Sugar pretzels.  According to the very helpful Vegan Guide on the Auntie Anne’s website, the Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Sweet Almond, Garlic, Jalapeño, and Raisin pretzels are all vegan when ordered without butter.  However, for those who stay away from sugar filtered using bone char, you should know that all of their pretzels include this type of sugar.

Not only does cutting the butter make these pretzels vegan, but it saves quite a bit of calories and many grams of fat.  To my tastebuds, the Cinnamon Sugar pretzel tasted just as delicious without the butter and – vegan or not – I would have always ordered it this way had I known.  The only difference is that it’s less greasy and the sugar has a slightly tougher time staying on the pretzel.  Added bonus – when you order it this way, you will likely get a very fresh pretzel because they will make yours separately.  In my case, I only had to wait three minutes.