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Vegan at Coral Tree Cafe, Encino

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Eric and I love this cafe in Encino.  We have been several times before, although I believe this was the first time we had been since I became vegan.  It’s a popular weekend spot with both indoor and outdoor seating.  One particular morning we saw Wilmer Valderrama and dined next to and chatted with Dave Grohl and his family.

Their regular menu is clearly marked for vegetarian options and they also have a small, separate menu of their vegan options.

Vegan menu - Coral Tree Cafe | A Vegan in Progress

Vegan menu

Eric and I sat outside because it was a beautiful day.

I had their fresh mint tea and their vegan veggie burger on a ciabatta roll.  From what I could see in the patty, it had rice, peas, corn, black beans, peppers, and possibly sweet potatoes.  It was really tasty, but not very warm.  Overall, it was a very satisfying meal.

Veggie burger - Coral Tree Cafe | A Vegan in Progress

veggie burger - Coral Tree Cafe | A Vegan in Progress

I really like the options at this cafe and the ambiance is just as good.  Next time, I plan to try the panini!