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Making Your Produce Last

If you are anything like me, you put your freshly purchased produce in logical locations and then wonder why it’s limp/soggy/spoiled when you go to use it.  We were going through celery so often until I found a tip on Pinterest to wash and cut celery stalks, then wrap a few pieces at a time in a paper towel and then aluminum foil.  It keeps it crisp for weeks!

I created this helpful list of many produce items and their ideal conditions.  We keep it on our fridge and consult it when we bring home fresh produce.  Unfortunately, I didn’t include celery, so you’ll have to remember that one! Download and print a copy for yourself if you like!

Please feel free to comment with any other helpful tips on storing produce!

Click to download the Produce Printable

Making Your Produce Last | A Vegan in Progress