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The Vegan Joint, Woodland Hills – Post 2

I have already talked about The Vegan Joint, but I thought that I could do multiple reviews of restaurants as I make subsequent visits.  Click here to see previous posts about The Vegan Joint.

This place is really close to home and the price is right, so when we are thinking fast food, this is often where we go.

This time we shared the Fresh Spring Roll with Peanut Sauce, which was pretty good.  I guess I just like them crispy.

The Vegan Joint - Fresh Spring Roll | A Vegan in Progress

Fresh Spring Roll

On a visit a while back, I ordered the Garlic Chicken Wrap because I love me some garlic soy chicken.  It was basically like the burger, but in a wrap.  It includes grilled garlic chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and alfalfa sprouts.

The Vegan Joint - Garlic Chicken Wrap | A Vegan in Progress

Garlic Chicken Wrap

On a more recent visit, I got the Tofu Cashew Nuts dish, but substituted soy chicken instead of tofu.  It was super tasty and right up there with the quality Garlic Chicken Burger.  Please excuse the extreme close up… I had eaten about half of it and the plate wasn’t pretty.

The Vegan Joint - Soy Chicken and Cashew Nuts | A Vegan in Progress

Soy Chicken and Cashew Nuts

Eric ordered the Beef Burger which is grilled soy beef, garlic, and cilantro sauce on a wheat bun.  He said it was good, but he didn’t like it as much as the soy chicken.

The Vegan Joint - Beef Burger | A Vegan in Progress

Beef Burger

As always, we shared the garlic fries because they are freaking amazing.

The Vegan Joint - Yummy, yummy garlic fries! | A Vegan in Progress

Yummy, yummy garlic fries!