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Days Twenty-One through Twenty-Four

Another Vegan in 30 Days update!

Day 21:  Meet other vegans

Taylor explains that it’s nice to have vegans in your life to call on for help, suggestions, motivation, and recipes.  My sisters are that for me.  Alli and I commiserate about the sad way that many omnivores just don’t want to know anything about what they put in their bodies and how it got to their plate.  She helps keep me accountable and motivated.  Sammi has lost a ton of weight (over 60 pounds now!) doing a juice fast.  She has inspired me so much that I will soon go on a juice fast myself.  In terms of meeting other vegans, I have recently been searching out other vegan blogs and found a few people, like myself, who just began their journeys.  It helps to see that other people take it one baby step at a time and that no one is perfect from the moment they decide to become vegan.

Day 22:  Stay Motivated!

Taylor feels the same way that I do about staying motivated; the best way is to continue to learn about it.  I originally became vegan because of health and environmental reasons as well as care for animals, but I hadn’t seen any of the films about factory farms.  I heard about the documentary titled Earthlings, and was lucky enough to find it on you tube.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  It may be hard to watch, but imagine the torture for the animals that live it.

Day 23:  Begin taking vitamin B12 and ground flaxseed

According to the book, “vitamin B12 is the only nutrient that is not readily found in the westernized vegan diet.”  While some may say that this is indication of human need for animal meat in the diet, this conclusion is incorrect.  Meat products do have B12, but that B12 originates from soil, not meat.  The animals that we eat get B12 from the soil bits attached to the grass that they are fed, etc.  I picked up B12 supplements at Sprouts yesterday.

As for ground flaxseed, this is recommended because it is a good source for omega-3 fatty acids.  People tend to believe that a good source for omega-3’s is fish, but they don’t realize that most of the fish available to us comes from polluted fish farms.  You’re getting a nasty side of mercury and insecticides with your omega-3’s!  I have taken to adding ground flaxseed to my smoothies.  I don’t even notice it’s there, so it’s a good way to get it in to my diet.

Day 24:  Eliminate all dairy

Much like with eggs, I have eliminated all consumption of dairy products except for occasional trouble with its use as an ingredient.  When I’m not sure if it may be an ingredient, I choose something else to eat.  It’s that simple.