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Days Eleven & Eighteen through Twenty

It’s been a while since I have written on my progress with Vegan in 30 Days by Sarah Taylor.  I have used her book as a guide for the 30 steps it takes to go vegan.  I couldn’t do it in 30 days straight because I was interrupted by a trip to Europe and I have been too busy since, but I think it’s the final result that matters, not how I got there.

Day 11:  Fruit and veg cleanse

I didn’t write about this because I wrote about the first one and this went pretty much the same way.

Day 18:  Buy a veggie chopper

I looked into a food processor because it would have multiple functions (chopping veggies, making sauces, making hummus).  I just haven’t made a purchase yet because I think I would like to invest in a higher quality one and I need to allow some time to save up.

Day 19:  Treat yourself!

Taylor suggests showing your vegan pride and purchasing a shirt, or buying a new vegan cookbook to treat yourself.  I already have an awesome vegan cookbook that I’m working through, so I bought myself some non-dairy chocolate hazelnut spread.  I love Nutella, which was only reinforced on our trip to Paris, but it has dairy in it.  I came across a non-dairy version at Target called Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter for just under $10.  It’s quite oily, but it kind of reminds me of the natural peanut butter my mom bought when I was a kid.  It’s a little nuttier tasting, but I like it.  It’s about three times the price of Nutella, so I’ll just take care not to purchase a lot of it.  Probably a good idea in general anyway.

Day 20:  Eliminate eggs

I haven’t eaten eggs on their own since before we went to Europe, but I have consumed items that use egg as an ingredient since then.  That seems to be the toughest part of veganism.  I can avoid all animal products in food that I prepare myself because I have the ingredients in front of me, but when out at a restaurant or at a friend’s for dinner, I wonder what exactly is in the bread. To deal with this, I am making an effort to plan ahead and, failing that, I make safe choices.

Our friend had a barbeque for his birthday last weekend, so Eric and I planned ahead.  We brought loads of corn and a yellow watermelon to share.  Seriously!  I never knew that yellow watermelons existed!  I also made the black bean burgers, wrapped in foil and ready to toss on the grill, along with vegan hamburger buns and a little Daiya cheese.  I really loved my meal, had plenty to eat, and felt good about myself.


Check back tomorrow for the rest of the update!