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Nacheez Dairy-free Nacho Sauce

Nacheez Dairy-free Nacho Sauce was one of the goodies I purchased at Viva La Vegan Grocery.  I don’t know how “healthy” it is, but it’s certainly better than dairy cheese.

Nacheez Dairy-Free Nacho Sauce | A Vegan in Progress

They had mild and medium, so I went with the medium.  It wasn’t all that spicy, and was a little less than smooth.  Once I warmed it up a little bit and stirred it, it was a little more appetizing.  It was a little on the sharp side and I don’t particularly like the flavor of sharp cheese, so I only ate it in small amounts.  I know plenty of people who would love it, though.  I don’t think I’m likely to buy it again for a while, but it was nice to have the option of nacho cheese!  I would probably buy it as a dip for parties.

Nacheez Dairy-Free Nacho Sauce | A Vegan in Progress

Viva La Vegan Grocery, Santa Monica

The all-vegan market, Viva La Vegan Grocery opened a new location not long ago in Santa Monica.  Eric and I found ourselves in the area and stopped by to see what interesting new vegan products we could try.  First, I want to point out that this is not really a health foods store.  While there are cooking basics such as different kinds of flour, grains, and different sauces, there aren’t a lot of those things and you could get most of them elsewhere.  Mostly, they had the largest variety of vegan processed foods that I have ever seen.  I was there to buy foods that I don’t usually see at our local grocery stores, so I was okay with that.

The store is tiny and packed with vegan goods.  I definitely recommend you stop in and try something new.

Viva La Vegan | A Vegan in Progress

This was our haul.  It was the most expensive bag of groceries I ever bought.  It was over $60 for the items listed below.  Everything was $5-8 each.

  • Artisan Tofurkey Andouille Sausages
  • Tofurkey Chorizo-style meatless crumbles
  • Starlite Cuisine Santa Fe Style Crispy Rolled Tacos
  • So Good Miso Mayo Spicy Red Pepper Spread
  • Victoria Vegan Alfredo Sauce
  • Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Tofurkey Vegan Italian Sausage and Fire Roasted Veggie Pizza
  • Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks (I used these for Thanksgiving stuffing)
  • Nacheez dairy-free nacho sauce
  • Rising Moon Organics Artichoke and Olive Ravioli

I will post about these as I try them, so stay tuned!