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Hana Grill, Canoga Park

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Eric and I had to stop at the mall last week.  Since we went straight after work, we were quickly hungry.  We decided to make a lap around the food court and see what we could find.  Literally the second place that we passed had a small, printed sign saying “vegan bowl.”  We stopped and I asked what was in the vegan bowl.  “Soy chicken,” he replied.  My search ended there.  I had to try it.

I ordered the vegan bowl from Hana Grill for $9.77 including tax.  They offered free, chilled cucumber water with your meal, which was really nice.  When I got my bowl, I was initially very wary, because it looked so much like chicken!  I was concerned that maybe they had accidentally given me actual chicken or that maybe their little “vegan bowl” sign was just a ploy to get customers without intending to actually provide what people ordered.  I had Eric taste it and he wasn’t sure, because it tasted so much like chicken!  I resorted to stabbing a piece with my fork and holding it up to look at the texture.  I noticed that, instead of fibrous lines (as grilled chicken usually has), it had what looked like minuscule bubble marks.

Hana Grill Vegan Bowl | A Vegan in Progress

Hana Grill Vegan Bowl with soy chicken

I was confident enough to try it at this point and it was delicious!  I swear it tasted almost exactly like the real thing!  When I went back for a take-out box (it was a pretty large serving and I couldn’t finish more than half), I asked if they make it themselves or buy the soy chicken.  The cashier said that they buy it.  I’m still really curious and would like to order some myself if possible.  Next time I’m there I’ll see if I can get a brand name out of them.  From what I gather from a quick search online, they are a small chain in the LA area.  It you’re near one, try it yourself!