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Days Three, Four, Five, and Six

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I have been really busy lately, so “Vegan in 30 Days” has really become Vegan in 30 Steps for me.  This is especially true because Eric and I are going on our first trip to Europe in a little more than a week.  Since I am not even comfortable with a fully vegan diet at home yet, I am not going to make things harder on myself by attempting to do it in London and Paris.  Like here, when given the option, I will choose to eat meat-free, but I know that it will be difficult to avoid things like cheese and cream.  Once we get home, I plan to get back on track and hopefully I will find time to post my progress every other day.

Day three in Sarah Taylor’s “Vegan in 30 Days” is to do a 24 hour fruit and vegetable cleanse.  This means to ideally eat only organic raw produce in whole and natural form.  The night before, we ran to our local Sprouts market and stocked up on fresh produce.  I came back with green grapes, granny smith apples, cherries, strawberries, peaches, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and a 50/50 salad mix.

Cleanse | A Vegan in Progress

To make my morning easier, I pre-washed and cut everything that would hold up well overnight.  For breakfast, I ate two peaches at home and then snacked on these beautiful strawberries all morning at my desk.

Strawberries - Cleanse | A Vegan in Progress

For lunch I dined on baby carrots and cherries.  Later in the day I ate grapes and a salad that was tossed with a small amount of balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  I really enjoyed my food for the day, but I did feel that, instead of meals, I was just eating slowly all day long.  The book addresses this, explaining that produce metabolizes quickly, causing you to feel hungry sooner than when you eat meat.

Day four in “Vegan in 30 Days” says to eliminate red meat.  I have never really liked red meat much and therefore, don’t eat it too often.  Done!

Day five’s instructions are to try a few new substitutes for animal products.  I purchased Blue Diamond Almond Breeze milk for my morning cereal, but didn’t really like it.  I noticed that it sat on the bran flakes like a sort of residue and was generally unappetizing.  I also felt that there was a bit of an after-taste.  Next, I tried Silk Vanilla Soy Milk, which I thought complemented my raisin bran very well.  I also purchased some meat-free sun-dried tomato sausage that I plan to try this weekend with breakfast.

Day six suggests getting a fruit bowl and keeping it filled with fresh fruit.  We have always had a fruit bowl on our counter in the kitchen, but more often than not it is empty.  Being that there are only two of us in this family, we have had many occasions where we bought produce that went bad because we didn’t eat it quickly enough.  We are slowly shifting to weekly grocery store trips where we purchase less, but more fresh items.  This is definitely the foundation of a healthy habit for the both of us!