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Vegan at The Habit

It’s really tough to know about the ingredients in veggie burgers offered at a variety of restaurants, so I know that contacting the corporation for a list is the best method to be sure.  There’s a Habit restaurant a couple of blocks from us, so I inquired about the contents of their veggie burger, to see if it was an option.  I know that a lot of vegans would not be comfortable dining in such a restaurant, regardless of if they offered a vegan burger, and I completely understand that.  However, I have a carnist husband and I would like to be able to dine with him most of the time, rather than having to tell him to go by himself whenever he wants a burger.

Vegan at the Habit | A Vegan in Progress

Pete Whitwell, of the Habit, responded:

“Sorry to disappoint but our Veggie isn’t Vegan.  Unfortunately we aren’t the best choice for a Vegan diet.”

After such a great response from Red Robin’s representative, I expected more.  Not only was I disappointed in the answer, I was miffed by his complete lack of concern for losing an entire group of potential customers.

Furthermore, it really irritates me to see chain restaurants offer a veggie burger, but not a vegan one.  They have an opportunity to cater to two groups (with one menu item) rather than just one group if they paid a little attention to the ingredients.  They already went to the effort of including vegetarians, so why not make a few small changes to include vegans?

After looking over their menu, I found that they offer a garden salad with “fresh romaine, iceberg and red leaf lettuces, Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, carrots, sprouts and croutons,” as well as a side salad, including “fresh romaine, iceberg, and red leaf lettuces, Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and croutons.”  French fries and sweet potato fries are also animal product free, however, I don’t know about the frying oil.  My guess is it isn’t safe.

Bottom line – despite their salads, I will not be dining at the Habit.