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Vegan Recipe – Teriyaki Cauliflower “Wings”

You may recall that in my post, Copycat Mohawk Bend Buffalo-Style Cauliflower “Wings”, I said that the baked cauliflower could potentially be tossed in any kind of sauce to make different appetizers.  A week or two ago I tested that theory.  I followed the same steps for the coating and baking of the cauliflower, but when it came to tossing them in sauce, I used Lawry’s Teriyaki 30 Minute Marinade (which didn’t have to be thinned with oil).Teriyaki Cauliflower "Wings" | A Vegan in Progress

The resulting wings were fantastic.  I imagine that an assortment of them made in different flavors would be great for a party.  I’m on the hunt for different marinades and sauces to try.  Next time I’m going to try the Chipotle Lime Grilling Sauce from the Archer Farms brand at Target.  Stay tuned!

Teriyaki Cauliflower Wings | A Vegan in Progress

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  2. Oh, yum. My mouth is watering. I must try this. Thanks for posting!

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